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It is used for foundation walls and sub‐structures, slabs‐on‐grade, plaza decks, planters and green roofs, sumps and. Types of Waterproofing. Trowel Grade Mastic, Caulking, Backer Rod and Bond Breakers. From below grade under the foundation slab, to blind-side or freestanding foundation walls, to parking decks or plaza decks, to exterior walls and fire-rated interior floors and walls, to the roof, we have, or will custom-create the transitions you need to seal and fire-rate your building expansion joints throughout. A trowel grade waterproofing at transitions at grade mastic product is a viscous liquid-applied material that can be used waterproofing at transitions at grade over sharp edges to assure proper thickness.

A second step – sequencing waterproofing transitions at grade with the rest of the building envelope – is just as important. Protection course materials waterproofing at transitions at grade and/or insulation are applied to protect COLPHENE® LM BARR waterproofing before back-filling over the foundation. TREMproof® 260 Waterproofing Membrane is waterproofing at transitions at grade a polymer-enhanced, single-component, fluid-applied, asphalt emulsion, below-grade waterproofing membrane. TERMINATION BAR is a multi-purpose, preformed, professional way to attach a wide variety of construction waterproofing, drainage boards, and flashing systems.

required--consult waterproofing membrane manufacturer). tooled/trowel-applied at transitions, penetrations and terminations. Waterproofing is required at below-grade concrete waterproofing at transitions at grade surfaces for several reasons. Selecting the right Waterproofing for your project We offer an array of options and newest technologies for maximum protection and expedited schedules. 2 mm self-adhesive membrane composed of elastomeric SBS bitumen and an exposed non-woven waterproofing at transitions at grade polyester reinforcement. Transitions between elements—windows to walls, walls to roofs—account for 90% of above-grade water infiltration, so one key to ensuring a structure remains waterproof is to seal the transitions. Read More Waterproofing Detail: Outside Corner Reinforcement.

GCP’s products include: air and vapor barriers; roofing underlayments; self-adhered window, door and deck flashings; structural waterproofing systems (above and below grade) and fire protection systems. Dissimilar materials may waterproofing at transitions at grade create incompatible tie-ins and cause the waterproofing system to fail. However, transitions between two or more systems are less straightforward. Deck Waterproofing. Perimeter foundation insulation is required in colder climates to reduce the heat-loss from a slab-on-grade to the below grade foundation wall. A vapor barrier is installed under the slab, and sometimes, the footings, if the building foundation is not located near the water table.

“The majority of above-grade issues I see are caused by a below-grade membrane being brought up too high waterproofing at transitions at grade and covering over the weep holes. Incompatible tie-ins may cause leaks Sequencing waterproofing at transitions at grade waterproofing transitions at grade with the rest of the building envelope is just as important as pre-construction meetings. Accessing the existing waterproofing membrane will require demolition of existing hardscape and excavation (in some locations) to expose existing waterproofing. Buildings rely on many different systems and materials to provide a continuous enclosure including roofing, cladding, windows, and below-grade waterproofing. A trowel-grade waterproofing mastic designed for a variety of detailing uses including: fillet material at inside corners; flashing material around drains, protrusions, and penetrations; sealing material at grade terminations and membrane overlaps seams; repair material waterproofing at transitions at grade for small concrete surface defects.

Waterproofing is the treatment of waterproofing at transitions at grade a structure’s surface to prevent the passage of water under hydrostatic head or standing water conditions. Trowel Grade Mastic, Caulking, Backer Rod and Bond Breakers. Below-grade structures do not necessarily align with at-grade and above-grade hardscape components, and phasing. When we say "waterproofing" we mean the resin and fiberglass we install in the assembly and the sheet metal we install at transitions to provide a positive seal. TRANSITION WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE is used as a cover strip over ICF FOUNDATION MEMBRANE top terminations and as an air and moisture barrier for transitions in exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) or stucco systems. Where the below grade expansion joint transitions to a horizontal deck joint at or below grade: In softscapes the BG System would transition to RoofJoint and waterproofing at the structural waterproofing at transitions at grade deck. About John Trenta.

The product may come in pails, cans or caulking tubes. Penetration detailing. Grade 3 – No dampness or water penetration is acceptable – Ventilated residential and commercial areas such as homes, offices, shops etc. Transition Membrane is a flexible air barrier membrane for use on vertical above grade wall construction over properly prepared concrete, concrete masonry (CMU), glass mat gypsum sheathing and Exterior or Exposure I wood-. • Dissimilar materials and/or different manufacturers may create an incompatible waterproofing at transitions at grade tie-in, for example, between the blindside waterproofing and the air barrier. . However, waterproofing at transitions at grade it is waterproofing at transitions at grade also required to protect the structural contents from water infiltration that can cause structural waterproofing at transitions at grade damage to the concrete or corrosion to the imbedded steel.

SOPREMA® Launches COLPHENE® LM BARR, World’s First Spray-Grade STPE Waterproofing Barrier| Media WADSWORTH, OH (Decem) COLPHENE® LM BARR, the world’s first spray-grade silyl terminated polyether (STPE) waterproofing membrane, is now. The building surfaces are made water-resistant and sometimes waterproof. Extend VOLTEX DS onto footing a minimum 6” (150 mm) when required to tie into vertical wall waterproofing. Check transitions at corners; or better, use pre-formed, factory fabricated inside and outside corners where appropriate. The utilization of liquid waterproofing membrane, cementitious materials, polyurethane liquid membrane, and bituminous.

Counter Flashings: Are Positioned At The Above Grade / Below Grade Transition of The Foundation Waterproofing. waterproofing at transitions at grade Proactive below-grade waterproofing starts with defining the owner&39;s requirements and expectations, resolving any conflict between performance and cost, and using the current knowledge of below. All PROCOR® materials shall be supplied or approved waterproofing at transitions at grade by GCP. Wise Basement Systems will be able to recommend the appropriate grade of waterproofing for your project and relate that grade to the "type" of waterproofing that will be applied. XPS insulation is frequently used below-grade, as it is waterproofing at transitions at grade the most water-resistant type of insulation, maintaining its R-value in the presence of water.

If your deck is over living space it is imperative a properly installed system is installed with all the attention to detail we can provide. The waterproofing system should be adequately detailed on construction drawings, including but not limited to information on terminations at the footing & building envelope/wall, penetrations through the membrane, laps, transitions and any other details. He has managed fluid and sheet-applied waterproofing at transitions at grade below grade waterproofing product technologies, assemblies, and accessories, and also addresses the needs of construction professionals with the management of the Tremco Sealants and Adhesives product portfolio. At the connection from the above-grade to the below-grade walls, the connection detail needs to be addressed and this may include a ledge. Check for compatibility between different materials.

Typically, the waterproofing is wrapped over a masonry brick shelf, or up behind the finish exterior materials at grade so that it may waterproofing at transitions at grade be terminated and shingle lapped by the weather barrier. In hardscapes and split-slabs, the BG waterproofing at transitions at grade would transition to an FP (For Plaza) system. Transition details are unique to each project. Wall and Underslab Orienation BG-0200-P shown in. Waterproofing is the formation of an impervious barrier over surfaces of foundations, roofs, walls, and other structural members.

Check transitions at changes in plane and substrate types and tie-ins to air barrier. This product is a 1. Individually, enclosure systems are generally well understood. Waterproofing should be applied a minimum of 12" above finished grade, and then applied to a point 12" below the top surface of the interior slab on grade.

A form is positioned over the belly of the BG SYSTEM extrusion and the concrete is poured over the waterproofing membrane The net result is the integration of the below-grade waterproofing that movement at the joint-gap is properly accommodated. CEM-KOTE FLEX ST CLAY-TITE HRM 714 HYDRALASTIC 836 PRECON MEL-DEK MEL-DRAIN MEL-ROL MEL-ROL LM. Transition detailing. Drainage: Counter flashings provides a drainage panel protection barrier when concrete steps are poured against waterproofing at transitions at grade foundation.

TERMINATION BAR is a high strength, plastic strip designed to support vertical membrane systems at their termination point. GCP Applied Technologies (formerly Grace Construction waterproofing at transitions at grade Products) is a leader in the construction products industry. Below grade areas shall be waterproofed with PROCOR® Fluid waterproofing at transitions at grade Applied Waterproofing. This website uses cookies and other tracking technologies (also known as pixels or beacons) to aid your experience waterproofing at transitions at grade (such as viewing videos), as well as “performance cookies” to analyze your use of this website and to assist with waterproofing at transitions at grade marketing efforts. Leaks are often seen at transitions between waterproofing and membrane air barriers purchased from different manufacturers. The second location, depicted as blue through-wall flashing, also controls liquid moisture, keeping it from reaching the foundation and tying into the below-grade waterproofing as waterproofing at transitions at grade well.

John Trenta is Application Manager in the Product Management department at Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing. The primary reason is to keep moisture from intruding into the facility. Extend Bentoseal onto VOLTEX DS and waterproofing at transitions at grade detail a minimum of 2” (50 mm). 790-11 waterproofing membrane on split-slab construction Blueskin® WP200 waterproofing on foundation walls of new construction CAPITOL VISITORS CENTER Henry integrated waterproofing systems are the choice of some buildings like this one: the three-level, underground complex is the biggest expansion in waterproofing at transitions at grade the Architect: RTKL Associates, Inc. Check extension above grade. The function of the impermeable barrier is to prevent water penetrations. . It is used waterproofing at transitions at grade with StoGuard waterproof air barrier membranes including Sto Gold Coat.

Profile: Creates a profile for step foundation waterproofing. It is also imperative to properly sequence how the blindside waterproofing transitions at grade with the rest of the building envelope. For hydrostatic conditions, VOLTEX DS should be installed waterproofing at transitions at grade under grade beams and footings. All detailing, application and protection shall be installed strictly in accordance with GCP instructions. The “COLPHENE® LM BARR BELOW-GRADE WATERPROOFING TECHNICAL MANUAL” is intended to offer guidance.

Waterproofing at transitions at grade

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